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Around the world, community changes everything. bēkn is a small team with big ambitions dedicated to creating a space for local communities where all voices are heard, and engagement, organization, and mobilization is quick and easy. As our vision continues to evolve, so do the tasks at hand. Therefore we too must grow, and for that, we turn to you, our community.


bēkn is a passion project that we run and fund ourselves. We have already developed a prototype of our platform, and currently, a Beta version is underway. We have reached a point, however where our resources and capabilities to grow further and successfully launch our platform are simply not enough. We need your help.

We are asking you, our community, for support in raising $25,000 to successfully launch bēkn.

Your donations will directly help us:

  • successfully develop and launch our platform

  • support our team and company growth

  • acquire tools and materials needed


With your help, we hope to continue to grow and soon give you the tools to easily connect and engage with local communities, ideas, resources, and causes.


We appreciate your ongoing support. Thank you.

bēkn is a for-profit company. Our work is devoted to serving the needs of the community. Because of that we are fiscally-sponsored by The L.C. and Lillie Cox Haven of Hope (EIN 46-0830760), a nonprofit public benefit corporation organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. As a fiscally-sponsored program of Haven of Hope, bēkn has access to donations from members of the community interested in financially supporting the work of the venture.  

Support our cause

Every dollar helps!

Steps to donate

Once on PayPal, please make sure to select bēkn on the drop down menu.

We are currently using PayPal to collect donations. We chose PayPal because it is easy, safe, secure, and full of options. If you do not have a PayPal account, there is an option to continue making a donation using your debit or credit card. Please donate any amount you feel comfortable giving. Every dollar helps. Thank you!

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