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bēkn's values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.

  • Advocacy - We exists to help and serve the overlooked; the unseen.

  • Empowerment - We believe everyone naturally has the potential and ability to positively impact and inspire the world around them.

  • Proximity - We believe everyone should be at the table, especially the most impacted.

  • Inclusion - We set importance on establishing and maintaining a space where all voices are heard and where everyone belongs.

  • Connection - We center on providing individuals the tools to create, join, and connect ideas, people, and resources.

  • Cultural Humility - We accept the fact that we can’t know everything about every culture and because our users are complex humans who intersect in a variety of ways and cultures, we humbly approach culture and view our users as important bēkn community collaborators.

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bēkn /bea·​con | [be-kən // noun

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bēkn is a place for all voices to be heard. We connect leaders, doers, and dreamers at a local level, on a global scale.


We are a startup with a social consciousness. We give you tools to connect with your local community and engage with local causes.


How do we create change in out communities? How do you want to create change? How do you want to connect? Here is a space for us - the community - to organize. Here is a space to create, join, and connect ideas, people, and resources with a focus on social health. Whether banding together in service or activism, we cannot wait to see the way our community will create deep meaningful change.


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